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Hello, This is H&Iruja

This is H&iruja.

We are pleased to meet all of you through our website

Our company was founded on a mission to create a healthy and sustainable business where people and technology can grow together.

We developed our own specialized SPUTTER for OLED on the basis of our accumulated knowledge from developing semiconductor technology. It was the market that previously had been monopolized by foreign equipment.

The world display market kept growing, and our dedicated effort in responding to our customer demand with constant innovation in R&D, led us to become the world-leading company in our field, reaching a No.1 market share in SPUTTER for OLED.

H&iruja do not settle for mediocrity. We continue to challenge ourselves to keep our leading position and to thrive in the coming generation.

We ensure that we provide the best possible resource and technology optimized to our customers by our thorough customer-driven spirit. We look forward to having your continued interest and support in us.

Thank you.

H&iruja CEO Song Won

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