Employee Benefits (Lifetime Total Care Solution)

Employee Benefits (Lifetime Total Care Solution)

Our Employee Benefit is to R&D
Because the quality R&D derives from a stable environment
We believe our employees’ happiness is the key
in creating our bright future

‘Happy Village’ for H&iruja employee

H&iruja employees live in Architech Yoo Hyun Joon’s luxurious, customized and themed home that have medical, educational, and cultural facilities all together.

The Architect Yoo Hyun Joon, famous for designing family-oriented house, is building the ‘Happy Village’ for H&Iruja employee and our married employees can live in this village with their family

We offer clean and quiet 1 to 1 dorm to our employees who are single and live far from their home

We pay for our children
Even for studying abroad is no issue

Work without worrying about your children’s education.
We support your children’s tuition until university
as well as overseas study expense.

Full support for the education
of our children until university

Studying abroad expense will be covered
based on years of service and rank

We also cover our employee’s overseas trip with their family

We support your family’s overseas trip
Because family happiness becomes energy to our employees

Full cover on the overseas trip
for model employee and their family

Voucher offered for model employee
that cover a meal with their family in the high-end restaurant

Famous resorts nationwide
provided for employees (Hanhwa / Daemyung)

Health examination and healthcare
offered to our employees

Healthier life is the driving force of all things.
From everyday health care to specialized health check-up,
We support you to have healthier mind and body.

Fitness center and high-end massage chair within the office

Full medical examination offered
based on years of service

Various sports activities supported
through clubs within the company

From happiness to sadness,
Iruja is there with you

For every important part of your life
from marriage, honeymoon to family events, Iruja is with you.

Support for employees of single-status
to join paid dating service

2 million won provided for our employees’ honeymoon to celebrate new chapter of their life

Wreath and vacation provided
at the time of various family events

Funeral service supported to our employees through our affiliated funeral company

In pursuit of comfortable and happy work life

We support not only your real-life concerns
but also support even a minor issue with deliberation

We support not only your real-life concerns but also support even a minor issue with deliberation

[Pleasant office life]

Trip overseas supported
Go Watch Healing Camp >>

Support for the operation of clubs within the company for the sake of activities of socializing and hobby

A present is given on holiday, birthday and anniversary

[Comfortable office life]

Cafeteria within the company

Free three meals a day famous for its ‘mom signature’ low-sodium diet

Comfortable and stylish
seasonal clothes provided

[Support for Working]

Support for tuition and self-improvement

Paid Mentor & Mentee activity
for New Comers to acclimate themselves

Division workshop & paid dinner meeting
Go see H&iruja events>>

Phone bill covered
for all employees

Safe corporate car provided when needed

Reward to those who recommend
excellent personnel to the company

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